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Subscribe to Chief Investment Officer Magazine, a website founded in 2006, is famous for GIF-populated lists such as “22 Chinese Street Signs That Got Seriously Lost in Translation,” “The 10 Best Charles Bukowski Quotes About Drinking,” and “20 Reasons 2012 Was the Coolest Year To Be a Mormon.”* Oh, and let’s not forget the enduring classic “10 Funniest Cat GIFs of the Week.”**

We at aiCIO, although “occasionally” dabbling in the juvenile bacchanalia that is Buzzfeed, prefer our lists more sophisticated. Thus, the second iteration of “The Knowledge Brokers”—our ranked list of the world’s most influential investment consultants.

But, ahhhh, there’s a twist this year: In honor of the five-year anniversary of the financial crisis coming to the fore (Is this something we actually want to celebrate? Sure.), we’ve altered the criteria. Instead of who’s hot right now, we decided that this year’s iteration should highlight those consultants who “have most shaken up the world of investment consulting since 2008—in a good way.”

Or, in Buzzfeed parlance: “25 of the Most Aggressive and Thought-Provoking Consultants of the Last Five Years (without GIFs).”

* For those of you with more important things to do than follow time-wasting websites like Buzzfeed, GIF stands for graphic interface format—a moving-image file format.

** Seriously, these are all real titles from a real website that, by some counts, has 60,000,000 unique viewers each month. Goodbye, America.