Welcome to the consulting world’s counterparts to institutional CIOs. These are the people responsible for advising across asset classes on the world’s preeminent portfolios. But unlike CIOs, they also lend their expertise to the institutions that need them most: Small funds, with non-expert boards, and little room for error. We celebrate both.

  1. 1.Tim McCusker
  2. 2.Jim Callahan
  3. 3.Robert Gardner
  4. 4.Fiona Trafford-Walker
  5. 5.Rich Nuzum
  6. 6.Chris Ford
  7. 7.Ari Jacobs
  8. 8.Robin Pellish
  9. 9.Julia Bonafede & Andrew Junkin
  10. 10.Troy Brown


Institutions that have outgrown generalist consultants—they’ll set their own allocation targets, thank you very much—use these people. Even the most sophisticated asset owners should put pride aside when inviting the following experts to an investment meeting: They will know more than you.
And that’s exactly what you’re going to pay them for.

  1. 1.John Claisse Hedge Funds
  2. 2.Jon Exley De-Risking
  3. 3.Martijn Vos Risk Management
  4. 4.Clive Wellsteed Pension-Risk Transfer
  5. 5.Kristen Steffens Outsourced-CIO
  6. 6.Josh Cohen & Bob Collie Defined Contribution
  7. 7.Diane Vallerie Improta 403(b) Plans
  8. 8.Stephan Breban Private Equity
  9. 9.Greg Dowling E&Fs, Alternatives
  10. 10.KC Connors Health Care, E&Fs