2016 Asset Management & Servicing Winners

Core Investments

Fixed Income

BlackRock Winner
For the firm’s innovative team led by Tim Webb and Rick Rieder, its ability to find opportunities through “best-in-class analytics” and “proprietary research and innovative market analysis,” and its unique tiered approach to manage portfolio liquidity risk.

Wellington Management Company
For its presence as an industry stalwart in the asset class with nearly half a trillion dollars in assets under management—and sophisticated proprietary tools for risk and liquidity management.

Equities (Including alternative equity beta)

Parametric Winner
For its Volatility Risk Premium strategy that is “designed to harvest diversifying risk premium without the use of leverage, market timing, or active bets on the direction of market volatility”—and that can be used as a liquid alternative.

For its Maximum Diversification strategy, an “innovative quantitative investment approach” that aims to boost diversification while lowering risks concentrated in market cap-weighted indexes—and for its persistent emphasis on research.

Multi-Asset (Including risk-balanced strategies)

For hiring Andrew Ang, a renowned scholar in risk-factor investing, and its continued advances in the Market Advantage strategy, as well as the development of the Style Advantage strategy, which systematically leverages 16 long/short style factors to deliver “hedge fund-like benefits” using liquid vehicles.

Columbia Threadneedle Investments
For its “adaptive risk parity approach” led by Jeff Knight that advocates adaptable risk allocation based on market conditions–and its courage to stray from the classic parity approach.

Renaissance Technologies
For its multi-asset funds that are not only based on the firm’s highly quantitative background, but also offer fee and liquidity terms that are “more investor-friendly than those offered by most in the industry,” according to one nominator. “They should be an example for the rest of the industry.”

Risk Premium Investment Management Company Winner
For its “groundbreaking” investment analytics and portfolio management based on the liquid and low-cost “pure risk-factor investment” approach. “RPIMCo shows how risk factors can/should be a part of the portfolio, not a hedge fund strategy,” says a nominator.