Harvard, Harvard, Harvard

 No one ever went broke writing about Harvard. I certainly haven’t. Here’s a little secret I can tell what you’re reading. I don’t mean I can see what individuals are reading, but I can tell, en masse, what the readers

Despite Liquidity Fears, an Institution Creeps Into PPIP

PPIP, the government program to take ‘toxic assets’ off the books of banks, has received a lukewarm response in America; the Chinese Investment Corporation, however, is reportedly putting up $2 billion to invest in this mortgage-backed securities program.

With SWF Assets, Confusion Reigns

Recent research by RGE Monitor and The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) argues that sovereign wealth funds, while still large, aren’t nearly as vast as others might think.

MassPRIM, Meet Mr. Buffett

  Having recently read Roger Lowenstein’s classic biography of Warren Buffett, and, at the same time, been writing about the Massachusetts public pension plan’s move away from alternatives, I am struck with conflicting views. For one, I would commend the

Sally Bridgeland

Bridgeland is Chief Executive of BP’s giant pension scheme. The willowy ex-consultant shared her thoughts with ai5000 in-house about management, hedge funds, and the demerits of pension buyouts.