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It is with an acute sense of both excitement and sadness that after seven years, 50 issues, 1400 e-newsletters, and 25 events, today is my last day as editor of Chief Investment Officer.

Today is also the last day for our long-standing managing editor, Leanna Orr.

When we started what would become CIO in 2009, the financial world was in chaos. To this day, I remain in awe of the smooth confidence with which Charlie Ruffel, our founder, pitched the idea of a magazine focusing on the world’s largest investors. It is a testament to him, as well as to our then-CEO Jim Casella, that when all others were losing their heads, Charlie and Jim kept theirs.

To say we achieved what we set out to would be a misnomer; there never was a set goal for CIO beyond “inform”. In the past seven years, we’ve had triumphs, we’ve made mistakes, we broke some news, we were a watchdog more than a cheerleader. However, what I’m most proud of is the community that has come together around CIO: To stand on stage at the beginning of our annual Innovation Awards was to see the physical manifestation of much work, fun, commitment, and friendships. It will forever remain one of my most cherished memories.

While Leanna and I are departing for new challenges, CIO will endure in the good hands of new Managing Editor Sage Um. I encourage you to keep reading, to keep attending events, and to keep engaging with CIO. When we began this adventure, our mantra was simple: “If you focus on the allocators, everything will work.” This remains as true today as it did in 2009. CIO was always about you, the asset owner, not the sponsors or the people who ran it.

Thanks for reading, and farewell.