Was Jimmy Hoffa Murdered Over a Pension Fund? Maybe.

Totally unimportant-but-interesting maybe-fact of the day: Jimmy Hoffa may have been murdered over union pension control. 

The internet is at its best (worst?) when it allows people (me) to wander off on seemingly infinite tangents of questionable veracity.

Now, I have absolutely no idea how I came across the “fact” (fact being an extremely loose term in the Age of Wikipedia) that Jimmy Hoffa was maybe killed over a union pension fund. But I did. And I now relay it to you. You’re welcome.

Long-story-made-short, courtesy multiple questionable and obviously biased websites: Teamster leader Hoffa went to jail in 1967 for jury tampering. President Nixon pardoned him in 1971, maybe in return for union endorsements. Maybe Hoffa made a deal with the Justice Department to inform on then-current Teamster leaders. Maybe he didn’t. I don’t know. He was last seen in 1975 (outside the Machus Red Fox restaurant in Detroit, incidentally). According to at least one FBI memo (the 1976 “Hoffex Memo”), he was (maybe) killed because he was deemed a threat to organized crime’s control of the Teamster pension fund.

So there you go. Jimmy Hoffa maybe met his end because of pension funds.

Are you any smarter now than you were five minutes ago? No, you are not. But hey, you’ll have a good anecdote at your next CIEBA or NACUBO meeting.

Ahhhh the internet.

(PS. Why does spellcheck demand that I capitalize ‘internet’? We don’t capitalize ‘newspaper’. Smarten up, spellcheck.)