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Inspiration visits CIO Editor-in-Chief Kip McDaniel infrequently—but when it does, he likes to opine. Feel free to send him documents, rants, opinions, facts, and anything else that might tweak his interest (at He, in turn, may choose to ignore it. Harsh, but fair.

The United Nation’s pension CEO has been accused of committing “massive fraud.” But at its core, are the changes being attempted actually just good governance?

A comment from a reader (whom I won’t name) has prompted me to think about whether we’re allowed to use literary license to make a point.

We have received well north of 100 distinct nominations for our fourth annual Forty Under Forty—so today (February 17), after midnight New York time, we won’t be accepting any more.

We’re looking for asset owners and consultants looking to challenge conventional asset management wisdom at the Chief Investment Officer Summit 2015.