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Inspiration visits CIO Editor-in-Chief Kip McDaniel infrequently—but when it does, he likes to opine. Feel free to send him documents, rants, opinions, facts, and anything else that might tweak his interest (at He, in turn, may choose to ignore it. Harsh, but fair.

Editor-in-Chief Kip McDaniel’s parting message.

As some of you read last Monday, we had quite the CIO event go down: Mary McAlister of our events team was the recipient of what turned out to be an awkwardly large kidney from my left side. Here’s a happy update.

This morning (Monday, March 7th), I’m donating a kidney to another member of the Chief Investment Officer and Asset International team.

It may seem early, but today we’re opening the nomination period for the 2016 edition of Chief Investment Officer’s Forty Under Forty.