Document Dump

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CIO Editor-in-Chief Kip McDaniel likes researching articles. A corollary to this: finding historical documents that may or may not be useful to upcoming magazine articles, but nonetheless intrigue. Old newspaper articles announcing financial mayhem? He'll take it. Bernie Madoff whistleblower documents? Juicy. Anything to do with financial scandal? Spot on. Feel free to send submissions to, and Kip will feel free to ignore them at will. Harsh, but fair.

The United Nation’s pension CEO has been accused of committing “massive fraud.” But at its core, are the changes being attempted actually just good governance?

A comment from a reader (whom I won’t name) has prompted me to think about whether we’re allowed to use literary license to make a point.

We’re looking for asset owners and consultants looking to challenge conventional asset management wisdom at the Chief Investment Officer Summit 2015.