Document Dump

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CIO Editor-in-Chief Kip McDaniel likes researching articles. A corollary to this: finding historical documents that may or may not be useful to upcoming magazine articles, but nonetheless intrigue. Old newspaper articles announcing financial mayhem? He'll take it. Bernie Madoff whistleblower documents? Juicy. Anything to do with financial scandal? Spot on. Feel free to send submissions to, and Kip will feel free to ignore them at will. Harsh, but fair.

The Vanity Fair Oscar party has nothing on this. In just three weeks, our fifth-annual Industry Innovation Awards and Influential Investors Forum will get underway—and expect something special.

In a year when the term ‘innovation’ has come under prominent attack, we took a look at our own awards series, and made some tweaks.

It’s been almost exactly five years since we started Asset International’s Chief Investment Officer (aiCIO)—or, as of this sentence, what we are now simply calling Chief Investment Officer. CIO for short. And that’s the least of the changes we’re making.

With the passing of Joe Dear, the nation’s largest pension plan is searching for a leader who can fill his shoes. Who can—and should?

As our fifth anniversary issue approaches, we look back at 10 of the largest ‘trends’ of the past five years—and asking readers whether they think they’re a passing fad or a secular shift.