2013 Custom Media Program


aiCIO believes that an integrated media approach to advertising is the most effective way to reach your target audience with your firm’s thought leadership. The calendar below outlines custom media opportunities based on some of the most meaningful industry topics our editors will be covering in 2013 As such, we invite your firm to distinguish itself as a thought leader on a topic by partnering with us on an integrated custom media project based on our editorial calendar.

Triple Crown Program

The Triple Crown Custom Media Program includes one of the following sponsored editorial components:
  • > One-page profile interview
  • > Roundtable interview
  • > Supplied white paper
In addition, the program includes two additional integrated media components to complete your firm’s custom thought leadership program:
  • > Custom research project
  • > Video interview
  • > Webcast
  • > Conference sponsorship/Panel-speaking opportunity
  • > Online advertisement


Kip McDaniel
Editor-in-Chief, aiCIO

Quote of the Week:


“Charles Ponzi... Anybody who got rich stealing from little old ladies has a special place in hell.” —Leo Svoboda, UPS Group Trust Portfolio Manager, on the worst character in financial history.