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June 28, 2024
Rolls-Royce & Bentley Pension Enters $1.1 Billion Annuity Buyout
The pension risk transfer with Standard Life will cover 6,000 employees.  
Lessons on how to manage major systemic risks

Investors’ thoughts on how system-level investing, focusing on interconnections between stressed, complex systems, can impact portfolio performance and where it can help.

Ohio State Representative Proposes Consolidation of State Pension Systems
US Remains Biggest Force in Pension Realm, per Study
CalSTRS Allocates $200M to Kennedy Lewis for Credit Investments
Private Credit Not Likely to Run Out of Capital, per Report
Goldman Names Top Investment Targets for 2024’s 2nd Half, as Rates Dip
University of Utah Seeking Director of Investments
Supreme Court Rules SEC In-House Judge Process Is Unconstitutional
Decision upholds defendants’ rights to a jury trial when civil penalties are imposed.
How Investors Can Benefit From Energy’s Coming Changes

JPM’s Michael Cembalest explores opportunities as renewables rise, but fossil fuels will too as the population grows.

TRENDING: No Recommendations Yet From the Labor Department on PRT Provider Selection
The department published its overdue report on the rules for selecting an annuity provider, but put off making any changes.
TRENDING: STRS Ohio Board Votes Against Performance Bonuses for Investment Staff
The board of the pension fund voted 5-4 to negate any performance-based compensation.
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