2021 CIO Virtual: Inside the Minds of CIOs

| Virtual Conference

Wednesday March 17, 2021

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    Opening Remarks & Wealth Disparity and Its Effect on Markets
    This session/keynote will explore the possible impact of social and economic inequity on the prosperity of the American economy and markets, as well as on retirement funds. And how strong will the middle and lower classes need to be for their economic growth?

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    Refreshment Break 

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    The Value of the Dollar
    Discussion about forex (FX) and changes to the value of the dollar are leading to a crosscurrent of conversations. This discussion will help you discern whether you tilt toward domestic or international, and why; toward growth or value, and why; toward small cap vs. large cap, and why.

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    Survival of the Fittest
    Can our institutions—pension plans, endowments, foundations, etc.—survive, given the dismal outlook for expected returns? What changes might need to be made? Do risk tolerances need to change? What are some survival tips?

    Dominic Garcia, Chief Investment Officer, New Mexico Public Employees Retirement
    Andrew Palmer, Chief Investment Officer, Maryland State Retirement and Pension System
    Clint Coghill, Chief Executive Officer, Backstop
    Shivin Kwatra, CFA, Head of LDI Portfolio Management – US, Insight Investment

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