In-Depth Features

Art by Jon Han

Litigation Gamble

Law firms are willing to pay investors triple-digit returns.

CIOs Weigh in on Risk

Obviously, risk is constantly on the mind of a chief investment officer, but over the past few months, it seems to be gaining mental real estate.

Remaking the Markets

The massive move from active to passive allocation has both investors and analysts wondering how it’s going to change the market—and the world.
Art by Andrea D'Aquino

LDI Struggle, CIO’s Leverage

When it comes to the leveraged, long-dated credit risk of liability driven investment (LDI) funds, banks will battle for their balance sheet.

Retaining the Young

Talent retention is always one of the greatest challenges for asset owners. CIOs share how they recruit and retain emerging talent.
Art by Adam McCauley

Will GTAA Prove Itself?

GTAA, has not been standing still but has evolved in some new directions that reflect investors’ desire for a more opportunistic approach—and lower costs.
Art by JooHee Yoon

Listening To The Greenback

Investors are increasingly looking overseas to put their dollars to work. But the dollar itself refuses to cooperate.
Art by Jasu Hu

Interrogation: 10 Investment Themes for ESG

Hackable automobiles, blockchain, wage gaps and plant-based proteins are all part of the equation for ESG investing. Doug Morrow researches the industry leaders heading the waves.
Art by James Yang

Salary Highs

The tougher investment climate dampened raises, but many chief investment officers earned their compensations.