CIO Spotlight

Art by Tim Bower

Interrogation: Harshal Chaudhari

Harshal Chaudhari became IBM’s new CIO barely a year ago, in 2016, upon being tapped internally from his CFO post. It followed a gradual ladder climb, which he began...
Art by Tim Bower

Interrogation: Brian Pellegrino

In 2017, UPS announced it would freeze benefits to 70,000 non-union active employees in the management defined benefit plan by 2023. Its other non-union and union plans will remain...
Art by Tim Bower

Interrogation: Bob Hunkeler

His thoughts on date triggers, derivatives, and International Paper’s $1 billion debt offering to fund its DB plan.
Art by Eleanor Davis

CIO Roundtable

Investors talk about challenges, product gaps, and innovative strategies for scaling sustainable investments.
Art by Chris Buzelli

CIO Profile: David Holmgren (Hartford HealthCare)

Partnering with the world’s most selective investors is key to David Holmgren’s innovativeness as an asset owner. It requires flexibility and nimbleness. It’s also key to his long-term performance...