2018 Asset Management & Servicing Winners


Emerging Markets

PGIM Winner
PGIM is leading the charge away from index investing in emerging markets. The firm has been a thought leader on getting investors to shift their thinking from indexing and into more sophisticated approaches to the world’s growing economies. The result has been performance improvements in its institutional client portfolios and less volatility. This position could also prove to be prescient if volatility remains heightened in 2019.

Alongside this research, PGIM has put significant resources behind its emerging markets investment team, enabling it to create custom solutions and bring on new talent that will add to an already deep bench.

PGIM sees a future where trading emerging markets is just as sophisticated as trading developed markets. Its broad knowledge of the institutional investor landscape is supporting its efforts to craft bespoke emerging markets solutions that align with its view of global markets and mitigate risk. With this approach, volatility could actually be a source of opportunity for allocators looking to expand their growth portfolios and generate alpha abroad.

Emerging Markets Finalists

• AB (AllianceBernstein)

• Franklin Templeton Investments

• Lazard Asset Management

• Oppenheimer