November 2017

A Big Year for LDI

One of our funniest chief investment officers told us this month that liability-driven investing (LDI) can be a dangerous topic to read because people “risk falling asleep and banging...

Keeping Ahead of Tax Reform

A change in the corporate tax rate will have a ripple effect on LDI. CIOs need to move fast. “Some people say it differently, and they will say we...
Art by Rose Wong

Timing Your LDI

Institutional investors who may be worried about writing bigger checks than they expected for their pension contributions may want to start thinking about liability-driven investing (LDI) now, before any...
Art by Jenice Kim

DIY Annuities Are Here

Over the past five years, plan sponsors have started to look for greater customization in LDI strategies. Private debt could be an option for plans that still have funding...
Art by Jun Cen

LDI Shines Bright

Prospects align to make 2017 a year for finding or borrowing wealth to fund pension plans.
Art by Lars Leetaru

Where to From Here?

Bolstered by hopes of fiscal expansion and above-trend GDP growth, 2017 saw expectations of rate rises climb—only to roll over again.