LGIMA’s LDI Pooled Fund Strategy

Helping small- to mid-size corporate defined benefit plans implement highly customized—and cost-effective—strategies.

LGIMA has launched a series of pooled funds to help small to mid size corporate defined benefits plans implement a highly customized strategy in a cost effective manner. The pooled funds, which are benchmarked against the Bank of America Merrill Lynch (“BAML”) liability indices, enable plans to reduce funded status volatility by mitigating interest rate and credit spread risk inherent in their liabilities. The LDI Pooled fund offering consists of six building blocks:
  • Two corporate funds to gain credit spread exposure and take advantage of LGIMA’s active credit capabilities
  • Two unlevered Treasury funds to help plans mitigate interest rate risk
  • Two levered Treasury funds to help plans maximize their interest rate exposure while maintaining an allocation to return seeking assets
  • LGIMA will blend a series of funds to target plan’s liability duration and desired interest rate and credit spread hedge ratios
  • On a daily basis, funds are managed against the BAML indices and plan allocations to funds are rebalanced quarterlyPension risk management solved. LGIMA advises the Legal & General Collective Investment Trust, which is offered pursuant to 3(c)(11) of the Investment Company Act and is solely distributed for investment by eligible trusts. The Funds are bank maintained collective investment funds for which Reliance Trust Company of Delaware is the trustee and Investment Manager.