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August 7, 2019
Another Trump Tariff Hike Would Spark a Recession, Morgan Stanley Says

If the US lifts the levy to 25% on all Chinese imports, firm sees worldwide economic downturns

Exclusive: Minnesota CIO’s Strategy Remains Unchanged After Turbulent Markets

Mansco Perry III discusses his formidable long-term strategy.

CalPERS Board Member Wants Internal Investigation into Leaks Made Public
Walgreens Sued for $300 Million over Alleged 401(k) Mismanagement
Major Restructuring of CalPERS Investment Committee Could Become a Reality
US Negative Interest Rates Would Be a Disaster, El-Erian Warns
Pay No Attention to the Inverted Yield Curve, Some Economists Say
Partial Risk Transfers: Less Than Meets the Eye

Actuarial firms, bankers and insurance companies have been urging U.S. defined benefit plan sponsors to transfer their liabilities to a third party. Transferring the total liability has proven too onerous for most plan sponsors, so these institutions have been pitching partial risk transfers (PRT) instead. However, the touted long-term cost savings and pension risk reduction may turn out to be underwhelming, if not elusive.

US Steel Names Bryan Lewis to Newly Created CIO Role

Lewis joins firm just three days after officially stepping down as Penn SERS CIO.

Energy Institute Blasts BlackRock for Fossil Fuel Losses Despite Renewable Energy Efforts

Report maintains BlackRock lost $90 billion over the past decade due to fossil fuel investments; firm says conclusions are ‘misplaced.’

British American Tobacco in £3.4 Billion Pension Buy-In Deal

Fund is fifth FTSE 100 pension plan to complete risk transfer transaction in 2019.

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