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July 2, 2019
In Focus: The 4 Most Promising Second-Tier Emerging Markets

Bigger names like China and India get the attention. Then there are EMs one rung down, overlooked yet harboring breakout potential.

Norway’s Pension Giant Revokes Walmart, Rio Tinto Exclusions

Trillion-dollar pension also lifts bans on General Dynamics, Nutrien, Grupo Carso.

When Will the Party Be Over for Oil?
CIO ToolBox: the Best Way to Onboard New Board Members
The University of California Pension Fund Lowers Expected Rate of Return
New General Electric CIO Freezes Pension Fund
Case Study: Seeking More Agility, University of California Redesigns Fintech Platform
Tapping a Misunderstood Alpha Source: Effective Bond Portfolio Construction

Learn how portfolio construction can unlock excess returns. Download the white paper here.

Gucci’s Got Expensive Handbags and Expensive Fund Managers, Plaintiffs in Court Settlement Allege

$1.2 million settlement served in allegations Gucci didn’t opt for cheaper investment options when available.

Female-Inclusive Investment Committees Are Outperforming Their Peers

Data shows gender-diverse investment teams help expand their thinking and strategic options.

NextGen: Sriram Lakshminarayanan

“Sriram’s quantitative and analytical skills are exceptional, but his greatest quality is his ability to help others understand risk and if they are getting paid for taking it.” 

—Karl Koch, CIO, Iowa Public Employees’ Retirement System

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