Asset Allocation

HFs Rebound in US Fixed-Income Trading

Hedge fund managers, which now account for one-fifth of all trading volume in the US Treasury bond market, are refocusing their attention on more liquid products, a new study by Greenwich Associates confirms.

Wisconsin Reviews Strategy Implementation

Next step for the Madison-based investment board of the Wisconsin Retirement System (WRS): "Determining which strategy the board will use for inflation protection and how we'll go about achieving leverage," says the board's Vicki Hearing.

LGIMA’s Bender Sees Further American LDI Growth

On the tail of the firm's Long Duration Credit Strategy’s three-year mark – in which it outperformed the Barclays Capital US Long Credit Index – LGIMA’s US fixed-income head sees further LDI mandate growth in North America.

MassPRIM Must Exit Iranian Holdings

Legislation passed by the Massachusetts Governor gives the $42 billion fund one year to study and exit any investments that directly or indirectly support the Iranian oil industry.

At Top UK Firms, Pensions See Declining Deficits

A study by Aon Consulting has discovered that combined pension deficit at the UK's top 200 firms fell by about a quarter between June and July, buoyed by improving equity markets and declining liabilities.

Australian Super Funds Return 4.5% Over 10 Years

Data from SuperRatings reveals that the average super fund returns have fallen under the double-digit mark, as Australians would have fared better by putting their superannuation solely into Australian shares for the past decade.

China Investment Corp '09 Profit Reaches $41.7 Billion

Despite a tumultuous 2008, the CIC outperformed many other sovereign wealth funds following the global financial crisis -- the country's $300 billion SWF upped its net profit to $41.7 billion in 2009 from $23.1 billion in 2008.

Venture Capital Firms in a Pickle

Cambridge Associates issued a report showing VC 10-year returns -- considered the most important measurement of the industry -- were negative 3.7% for the period ending March 31.

Pension Schemes Face Difficulties Managing Longevity Risk

MetLife Assurance's survey showed pension fund trustees and sponsors are struggling to effectively manage longevity risk, which ranked second only to the measurement of technical provisions and liabilities in importance for respondents.