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Finding Opportunity in Bank Loans

The market for floating-rate bank loans has grown significantly over the past decade and now stands at about $1.2 trillion, approximately the same size as the high-yield debt market. CIO spoke recently with MetLife Investment Management (MIM) bank loans portfolio manager, Matthew McInerny, and head of high yield, Timothy Rabe, to find out why the asset class is in such demand and how institutional investors can take advantage of its current dynamics.

Optimizing for Impact With Private Equity and Real Assets: A Guide to Integrating Impact Into Financial Analysis of Alternative Assets

Expectations of investor behavior are changing. As societies around the world deal with the challenges of climate change, a pandemic, social upheaval, and, in some cases, unrest, institutional investors are being asked to take a much more expansive view of risk than many traditional investment models currently account for.

What Themes Will Drive Investment Grade Bond Performance in 2021?

Despite the unprecedented challenges of 2020, the Invesco Global Investment Grade team navigated the volatile year and posted strong returns through active management, sound security selection, and effective asset allocation. With 2020 behind us, we are closely monitoring key themes and using them to inform the positioning of our Invesco Core Plus portfolio and help our clients achieve their goals.
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Breaching Benchmark Borders in Emerging Markets

Finding value and managing risk in emerging markets debt often means seeking opportunities beyond the constraints of a broad market benchmark.