Asset Allocation

Survey: Pensions Dive Into Alternatives

Allocations to alternative assets -- specifically to commodities and infrastructure -- have continued to rise and now account for 17% of all pension fund assets globally, up from 6% ten years ago, Towers Watson research reveals.

Study Finds Canada the Innocent Bystander Amid Turbulent Markets

A report analyzing the market's reactions to investments by sovereign wealth funds, with approximately $3 trillion in assets in 2008 and a projected $15 trillion by 2015, finds that wealth fund injections in the US have unintended consequences.

CalSTRS to Boost RE Investments

The second largest public pension fund in the US has acquired $216 million worth of property in Q1, further indication that the real estate market is slowly recovering following the global economic crisis.

Investors Revisit Start-Up HFs

Patric de Gentile-Williams, chief operating officer of hedge fund seeding specialist FRM, says he’s seeing the most sophisticated investors backing up start-up or small hedge funds again.