Former SBCERA CIO Barrett: 'Outsource Everything, or Nothing at All'

Eastman Kodak's Timothy Barrett, the former executive director and chief investment officer at the San Bernardino County Employees' Retirement Association, speaks with aiCIO about the conflicts that public pension funds face when they decide to outsource investment expertise.

With Pension Bonus Announcements, Smaller Funds Join Public in Outcry

News that investment managers at the Texas Teacher Retirement System received more than double what every other state agency's top employees have received combined since 2007 has raised concerns that top-performing executives may flee smaller funds with less robust compensation structures.

CalPERS Demands More Info on Pension-Bashing

In response to statements by a CalPERS board member that Wall Street firms seeking to invest with public pensions should disclose if they’ve supported groups critical of government funds, industry insiders have expressed concerns over first amendment rights.