From ai5000 Magazine: The Fires by Joe Flood

In a testament to ai5000 Editor-in-Chief Kip McDaniel's judgment of talent (or luck, as some see it), ai5000 book reviewer Sara Nelson critiques ai5000 Editor-at-Large Joe Flood's The Fires -- his first (of what we hope is many) non-fiction novel.

From ai5000 Magazine: Cautiously Ahead?

In the wake of 2008, asset owners are hesitantly returning to the securities- lending world. The landscape, however, has changed dramatically since they left.

From ai5000 Magazine: Antoine De Salins, CEO, FFR

De Salins, CEO of France's €35 billion Fonds de Réserve pour les Retraites (FRR), spoke with ai5000 in his Paris office about liquidity issues, asset allocation, and, above all, the nuances of responsible investing.

From ai5000 Magazine: Carol McFate, CIO Xerox

McFate, after spending two decades in the insurance industry, became the chief investment officer for Xerox in late 2006. In early May, she sat with ai5000 to discuss the intertwined topics of market uncertainty and risk management.

From ai5000 Magazine: Bob Reynolds, CEO, Putnam Investments

Reynolds, following two decades at cross-town rival Fidelity, was lured to Putnam to turn around the once-ailing firm. With its mutual fund business once again on the rise, the next question is: What can Putnam do for the world's largest asset owners?