Rumors Swirl Around Potential SDCERA CIO Insourcing

While reports have the San Diego County Employees Retirement Association considering a move towards internalizing their asset management, current outsourced CIO Lee Partridge denies he is considering the move.

Adventures in Algorithmic Trading

August is the shortest of months, with vacation and Summer Fridays making the time go simply too fast… except for those who eagerly await the September issue of ai5000, for whom the end of the month cannot come soon enough. For those most loyal of readers, we’re posting one article early. It’s Joe Flood’s Adventures in Algorithmic Trading, a look at the varied strategies that comprise the umbrella term ‘algo trading’ – and what it means for you.

From ai5000 Magazine: The Fires by Joe Flood

In a testament to ai5000 Editor-in-Chief Kip McDaniel's judgment of talent (or luck, as some see it), ai5000 book reviewer Sara Nelson critiques ai5000 Editor-at-Large Joe Flood's The Fires -- his first (of what we hope is many) non-fiction novel.

From ai5000 Magazine: Cautiously Ahead?

In the wake of 2008, asset owners are hesitantly returning to the securities- lending world. The landscape, however, has changed dramatically since they left.