SDCERA Backpedals, Seeks Competing Bids for Investment Outsourcing

The San Diego County pension Board of Retirement– which two weeks ago was presented with a proposal by the fund’s CEO to outsource its entire investment staff via a no-bid contract – today approved a measure that would in fact open up the process to competing firms.

SDCERA to Meet on No-Bid Outsourcing of Investment Staff

In a Board meeting scheduled for March 18, the San Diego County Employees’ Retirement Association will vote on whether to proceed on or further discuss the outsourcing of it’s investment staff to Lee Partridge’s Integrity Capital, as well as a shift in asset allocation.

CalPERS Board Removes Shareholder Proposal Limit

The largest US pension fund voted to lift the limit on the number of shareholder proposals its staff can issue and announced plans to increase the accountability of directors through a majority vote policy.

Transcript: Michael Lewis in Full

ai5000's Joe Flood sits down with bestselling author Michael Lewis to discuss his new book “The Big Short: Inside the Doomsday Machine,” the shifts in Wall Street culture, and today's financial landscape.

OMERS Strategic Investments Division Falters

The division -- established in 2009 and touted as a best-in-class investment structure for the world's largest pension funds -- severely underperformed its internal benchmark this past year.