Book Review: The Curse of the Mogul, Jonathan Knee

Any media executive who doesn’t “get” The Curse of the Mogul—or anyone who doesn’t think it will be a long term bestseller—proves the point that authors Jonathan A. Knee, Bruce C. Greenwald, and Ava Seave are making throughout the

Harvard Confirms Swap, Real Estate Losses


Although the fund was known to be down 27% on the year, the recently released annual report shows that the University lost big on interest-rate swaps and real estate in fiscal 2009—and that the University also was, unusually, investing much of its General Operating Account alongside the rest of the endowment.

Following the SWF Trend, Mongolia Jumps in

The poor, landlocked country’s willingness to set up a long-term investment vehicle for resource profits lends credence to the idea that the SWF model has taken hold worldwide.

With Firms Chosen, PPIP Comes Knocking

Connecticut State Treasurer Denise Nappier reportedly is considering a large investment in the government-backed program to purchase distressed debt, possibly signaling a larger trend for American pension funds.

Korea and Barclays, Sensing an Opening, Pounce on Resources

In further evidence of the resurgence in resources and the willingness of SWF to partner with western investors, British bank Barclays is in talks with the South Korean Natural Resources Fund about joint investments in Africa, Asia, and Latin America.