Despite Pessimistic Outlook, CIC Seeks European Investment

Lou Jiwei, head of China’s $300 billion sovereign wealth fund, has said that even though global economic growth will likely slow next year with Europe being “most pessimistic,” the fund will continue to seek investment in some parts of the continent.

UK Report Advises Gov't to Step Up Commitment to Infrastructure

As the UK suffers from "some of the most congested and problematic infrastructure," a report by the London-based Business Infrastructure Commission has concluded that the government should provide incentives to encourage pensions to invest in large-scale projects.

Norway Boasts World's Safest Bonds

As investors have fled riskier assets for bonds in recent years, the International Monetary Fund has reported that only a handful of countries are really deemed as financially safe.

FairPensions: US Schemes Voice Discontent With BP While UK Avoids Spotlight

Following the decision by two of the US's largest pension funds -- CalPERS and the Florida State Board of Administration -- to publicly vote against BP at its annual general meeting, FairPensions, a UK-based advocacy group, has asserted that while US investors are happy to voice their intentions, few investors in the UK are doing so.