Foundations Report a Drop in Investment Returns in 2010

Two studies from the Commonfund Institute have revealed that foundations and operating charities have reported an average investment return of 12% in fiscal year 2010 — marking the second consecutive year of double-digit growth, yet a hefty drop from the average investment return from 2009.

Biggest Concern for Bond Investors: Sovereign Debt Problems

According to Fitch’s latest European senior fixed-income investor survey, Europe's sovereign debt crisis remains a major worry with 64% of respondents, up from 56%, expecting developed market sovereigns to face their biggest refinancing challenge.

Study: Institutional Investors Seek ETFs

While ETFs encompass a fraction of institutional investor portfolios, a burgeoning number of these institutions plan to up their use of these investing instruments in the future.

Andrew Ross Sorkin: Wall Street's Confidant

Over a span of three months that saw Goldman Sachs sued and settle and financial reform debated and pass, aiCIO spoke with Sorkin, a New York Times reporter and the author of Too Big to Fail, for a special extended Interrogation.

Hymans Robertson Predicts Record UK Pension Derisking in Q2

With $7.2 billion (£4.5 billion) of risk transfer deals completed over last year, the second quarter of 2011 looks to be a record quarter for the number of buyin and buyout deals completed in the UK, according to consultancy Hymans Robertson.

CIC Aims to Boost Canada Resource Bids

China Investment Corp., the nation's sovereign wealth fund, plans to move its managing director to Canada to boost investment bids for natural resources assets.