UCLA Shifts Asset Allocation

The University of California’s retirement and endowment funds portfolio have revised their asset allocations.

CalPERS ‘Disturbed’ by Goldman Fraud Case

The country’s largest government pension fund, which owns 1.8 million shares in the embattled investment bank, says the fund’s corporate governance staff will examine Goldman practices and influence the makeup of Goldman's board if needed.

SWFs Up Nearly 20%, State Street Says

A study shows that SWFs have largely remained committed to their pre-crisis investment strategies despite market turmoil in the last eighteen months.

Hit to Goldman’s Reputation Will Be Harder to Recoup

Analysts say the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s civil fraud charges could force Goldman to pay hundreds of millions in fines and restitution. The blow to the firm’s reputation may be harder to salvage.

Abu Dhabi Fund Names New Chief

Sheikh Hamed bin Zayed al Nahyan will become the new boss of Abu Dhabi's SWF, replacing his late brother who died in a glider crash in a lake in Morocco.

Study: Teacher Pension Funds Are Short Billions

A new study found that all 59 funds that cover most teachers face shortfalls, placing a burden on taxpayers to pay nearly three times as much as the funds say they need to balance the books.