CalPERS Claims Goldman Concealed SEC Probe

Mounting problems for Goldman: CalPERS claims that when Goldman applied with the fund to become a real estate investment consultant, it misled the fund about it's legal status, specifically stating that it was not "the target of a formal investigation."

SWFs Caution Against Investment Restrictions

Uncertainty is affecting investment policy and combined with the recent heightening of sovereign risk, is resulting in a highly complex operating environment for sovereign funds.

Nine State Investors Oppose Massey Directors

Poor safety records in regards to the April 5 explosion in West Virginia that killed 29 men and injured two have incited Massey Energy Inc. shareholders to rebel against the coal company.

Former CalPERS Official Villalobos Denies Fraud Accusations

Alfred R. Villalobos, a former CalPERS official accused of serving as a placement agent, denied fraud accusations in a statement yesterday, saying the attorney general's suit against him was filled with significant factual errors.

Pension Funds vs. Buffett in Goldman Battle

US pension funds and other shareholders have aggressively sued Goldman Sachs in the wake of SEC fraud charges, but the Oracle of Omaha defends the bank's credibility.