Australia's Sunsuper Seeks Small Hedge Fund Managers

Bruce Tomlison, Sunsuper's portfolio manager, has expressed his support of smaller hedge fund managers in favor of larger ones; consultants have an all-embracing approach, saying "it would be foolish to completely shun the large guys."

Investment Risk and Its Many Facets

From aiCIO Magazine: Risk management as transportation metaphor: walk (minimal risk), take a car (moderate risk), or fly a plane (riskier)? And remember: wear a seatbelt.

Transition Management's Allocation Trends

 From aiCIO Magazine: For years, there's been a shift toward alternative assets, but much of the recent action in transition management is toward decreasing plans' reliance on U.S. equities—in particular, de-risking pension plans through liability-driven investing (LDI) strategies

Step Into Liquid

From aiCIO Magazine: The solution to the FX issue historically has been the standard three-month forward contract. Some funds execute this strategy internally; others outsource it.

Bond Investor Glamour Is Over, Report Says

New research in the Credit Suisse Global Investment Returns Yearbook 2010 by professors from London Business School has shown that over the long run, equities have outperformed inflation, bonds and cash in every market examined.

MassPRIM: Removing FoFs Moves Us Closer to Peers

The Massachusetts Pension Reserves Investment Management Board has decided to embark on a comprehensive asset allocation review in an effort to better fund the $48.7 billion system, highlighting the need to change thinking, strategy, allocation, and management guidelines as circumstances change, the fund's spokesperson tells aiCIO.