Market Drilldown

PBGC Rates to Rise

Fed up with paying what they view as ‘unfairly high’ Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (PBGC) insurance premiums, defined benefit retirement plan sponsors are looking to shore up their underfunded...
Art by JooHee Yoon

Back to the Future

The last year was one of sharp departures from past trajectories. Donald Trump, a firebrand former reality television host, among other ventures, won the US presidential election, bucking what...
Art by Suharu Ogawa

Political Wildcards

Investors tend to focus on the factors they’re most familiar with when looking at markets. Analyzing items such as corporate earnings and economic indicators take center stage. The past...
Art by Lars Leetaru

Where to From Here?

Bolstered by hopes of fiscal expansion and above-trend GDP growth, 2017 saw expectations of rate rises climb—only to roll over again.
Art by Jun Cen

LDI Shines Bright

Prospects align to make 2017 a year for finding or borrowing wealth to fund pension plans.
Art by Alex Eben Meyer

The Hedge Fund Turnaround

Glimmers of optimism keep mounting for the hedge fund industry. The renewed interest follows a brutal 2016, in which investors yanked $106 billion from the asset class, with the...
Art by Brian Stauffer

Upwardly Mobile In China

Booming ­consumer spending is transforming the Chinese economy even as risks elsewhere soar. How investors can profit while avoiding peril.

Remaking the Markets

The massive move from active to passive allocation has both investors and analysts wondering how it’s going to change the market—and the world.
Art by JooHee Yoon

Listening To The Greenback

Investors are increasingly looking overseas to put their dollars to work. But the dollar itself refuses to cooperate.
Art by Jasu Hu

Interrogation: 10 Investment Themes for ESG

Hackable automobiles, blockchain, wage gaps and plant-based proteins are all part of the equation for ESG investing. Doug Morrow researches the industry leaders heading the waves.