News Archive: Apr - 2011

CalPERS Demands More Info on Pension-Bashing

In response to statements by a CalPERS board member that Wall Street firms seeking to invest with public pensions should disclose if they’ve supported groups critical of government funds, industry insiders have expressed concerns over first amendment rights.

Australia to SWFs: 'Come on In'

In a bid to enhance Australia's reputation as a foreign investment destination, the Australian government is considering rules that would give foreign government-owned funds a tax break.

Ontario Pension Abandons Nuclear Tech Buy

With Japan's nuclear disaster raising fears that the global market for nuclear reactors will not be as robust as previously expected, the Ontario Municipal Employees Retirement System has abandoned its purchase of Atomic Energy of Canada Limited (AECL).

CIC Chairman Seeks Emerging Markets

The chairman of China's $300 billion sovereign wealth fund has said that the CIC will target emerging economies, following his remarks that recovery in emerging markets will repair the global economy.