News Archive: Jun - 2013

The Best Pension in the World

From aiCIO's June issue: In a world of qualifiers, Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan needs none: Measured by either investment returns or value added, it simply has been the best pension plan investor in the world over the past 10 years. As a central architect of this success, CEO Jim Leech—who is set to leave the field although not the game—sat with aiCIO Editor-in-Chief Kip McDaniel for an extended Interrogation to discuss exactly that.

Deb Brown on Piloting the CIO Career Path

From aiCIO's June issue: Brown, the asset management recruiting queen of Russell Reynolds, has an enviable track -record of recruiting CIOs to their positions over her 25-year career. Here’s what she’s learned—and what advice she has for you.

Creative Self-Destruction

From aiCIO's June issue: Charlie Ruffel examines the changes in the asset management industry and assesses the potential impact.

The Young Europeans

From aiCIO Europe's June issue: What do young people want? aiCIO knows. Well, at a minimum we know what the young people responsible for billions in assets at the largest European pension funds want.

European Innovation Awards

From aiCIO Europe's June issue: aiCIO chose the Savoy Hotel in London for its pedigree as an innovator in its field. We invited our institutional investor guests for exactly the same reason.