News Archive: Sep - 2014


From Krakow to Auckland, Managing Editor Leanna Orr explores NZ Super's purity of vision and now-mainstream reputation.

The Unknown

Politicians are shaking up the Swedish pension system. Will CIOs lose their jobs—and what does it mean for asset owners everywhere?

Leo de Bever Finishes Off and Starts Up

As he wraps up his tenure as the founding CEO of the Alberta Investment Management Corporation (AIMCo), de Bever looks ahead to the next frontier: fostering innovation with institutional capital.

Uncomfortable Truths

Editor-in-Chief Kip McDaniel on CIO recognizing problems before market forces can react—without becoming an industry scold.

All That Glitters

Hype or secular growth in institutional ETFs? One consultant says don't believe the headlines.

Whiteout: Infographics

A demographic breakdown of finance, asset management, tech, and a few other professions, moving up the ladder from administrative to executive.


We all see the problem. Is there a solution to asset management's lack of diversity?