Baltimore Council Votes Unanimously to End “Double-Dipping” Policy

New bill will take effect next month.

In a unanimous decision, Baltimore’s City Council voted to end a pension program that allows some employees to receive large payouts by “double dipping” into the system.

Under the current policy, county employees already collecting a pension are able to start collecting a second pension if they begin a second county job. One example of this is county executive Kevin Kamenetz, who receives his initial pension from his 16 years on the City Council, a second pension from his eight-year tenure as county executive, and a six-figure lump-sum payout.

Tuesday’s bill will not only halt the double-dipping, but will also stop contributions to Kamenetz’ lump-sum starting next month. The bill does not affect employees who return to the county for a different job after having been retired for at least one year.

The lump-sum payment represents the amount of the pension checks Kamenetz was not receiving while working for the county and receiving regular paychecks.  

The bill, which also affects other county employees, will take effect on October 20.

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