BofAML’s Cross Asset Head Joins the Church Commissioners for England

James Barty will become the organization’s first director of investment strategy, created to navigate upcoming changes.

James Barty

James Barty will join the Church Commissioners for England as its director of investment strategy.

Barty comes from Bank of America Merrill Lynch (BofAML), where he was its global head of cross asset strategy since 2015. His role with the Church Commissioners is new, as the $10 billion organization sees a different investment landscape ahead and wishes to adapt.

Tom Joy, the organization’s chief investment officer, praised Barty for his track record in multi-asset investing at a “critically important time” for investors. “We expect the next decade for markets across all asset classes to be very different to one we have just experienced and managing overall portfolio risk, more dynamically, will become increasingly important,” he said.

Barty, who created BofAML’s cross-asset strategy product for multi-asset investors, according to his LinkedIn profile, said he is “greatly impressed” by the fund’s approach and outlook.

He also admires the organization’s investment philosophy which, he said, “in addition to delivering great financial results has a clear focus on being at the forefront, globally, of responsible investment.

Barty will start his new job on July 24.

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