CIO Seeks Nominations

Deadline is June 10 for Power 100 and NextGen leaders recognition programs.

CIO is looking to recognize the best of institutional investors, both the veterans and the future leaders.

We are seeking nominations for the 2022 NextGen and our Power 100 programs. Please nominate people from the universe of public pensions, corporate pensions, endowments, foundations, sovereign wealth funds, and any other categories of institutional asset allocators.

We need cooperation from nominees to complete the review process for these programs. If nominees are not able or willing to help us collect information on their work and accomplishments, they will not be considered.

Please use this form to submit your nominations. You will need to fill out one form for each nomination.

The deadline for nominations is June 10. Both lists will be published in the third quarter.

The NextGen nominees should be the rising stars in the world of allocators, the folks who someday stand to become CIOs themselves. Please nominate people who possess a virtuous mixture of financial knowledge, personal skills, and forward thinking. They should also have a knack for seeing around corners. As we have in years past, we seek nominations for the brightest up-and-comers on the allocator scene. For reference, the 2021 list can be seen here.

For the Power 100, we want to honor the people who are leaders among their peers. Because power takes on many forms, this year, for our annual Power 100 list of CIO allocators, we are celebrating leadership and the people who exhibit it—allocators who have made important contributions to institutional asset management and the teams that they manage. We want to know about their gravitas, influence, intellectual currency, tenure and assets under management, as well as their ability to articulate a compelling vision and instill a productive culture. Last year’s list can be seen here.