CIO’s Transition Manager Survey Deadline Extended

Transition Managers can now be rated by clients via online questionnaire until August 4.

CIO is seeking to find the top-rated providers who will take the gold, silver, and bronze in this year’s industry-leading transition management survey. Last  year’s gold medal went to the investment bank Macquarie. 
CIO has decided to extend its Transition Management Survey until August 4.

Clients of transition management services can rate the performance of their transition managers over the past year via an online questionnaire.

Respondents can request up to 15 managers at once from a list, and also have the opportunity to write in and rate other managers not listed.

League tables:
In order to be included on any league table, a provider must provide at least 10 total responses.

A provider with at least five responses in each of any two regions will be eligible for the global league table.

Providers qualifying in just one region are considered regional. Six providers qualified for global ratings and four qualified as regional.

Minimum responses needed by region in order for a rating in that region are: United States (10); Canada (5); UK/Europe/MENA (5); and Asia/Pacific (5).

The survey is intended for public and corporate defined benefit plans, endowments & foundations, and other asset owners.

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