Dalio Steps Into Publishing With “Principles”

Bridgewater Associates founder already planning second release.

Ray Dalio will be making moves in the publishing world when his first book, “Principles,” releases on September 19.

In his 600-page book, the founder of the world’s largest hedge fund, Bridgewater Associates, will reflect on the principles that granted him success in life—and innovation as an investor—in an autobiographical manner. The publisher is Simon & Schuster.

“Principles” will also offer a business manual chronicling Dalio’s steps in utilizing these principles to manage Bridgewater.

“Principles” began in 2011 when Dalio uploaded a PDF collection of earlier versions of the book that existed as internal documents within the firm for free download. He constantly shares his famous principles when asked in interviews—and in 2013, he narrated, wrote, and published “How the Economic Machine Works,” a video which shows the driving forces behind the economy and why economic cycles occur in layman’s terms. In January 2015, he published the paper in three parts: How the Economic Machine Works, Debt Cycles, and Productivity and Structural Reform. Dalio also gave a TED Talk in April regarding the future and how people in it will be able to thrive in an ever-changing world.

“I believe in the idea-meritocratic process. I believe in specifying one’s principles clearly. I believe in radical truth and radical transparency to achieve meaningful work and meaningful relationships,” Dalio told Bloomberg Markets in a book release preview interview. “I wish it existed all over. I wish it existed in Washington. It’s the reason for our success—not me. I want to make it clear to pass it along, and then disappear.”

Dalio is also planning to release a second title with Simon & Schuster, which will focus on his closely guarded economic and investment principles. No publication date for Dalio’s sophomore book has been announced.

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