First KY Pension Hearing Scheduled for Thursday

AG Beshear vows to ‘argue as hard as I can every single hearing to have this bill thrown out.’

Kentucky Attorney General Andy Beshear’s quest to have a controversial pension bill thrown out continued Monday with a video update in which he announced a hearing date for the case: Thursday at 10 a.m. in Franklin Circuit Court.

After Beshear had cited several illegalities within the initial bill and its updates, lawmakers slipped the reform into a sewage bill in one of the last days of the 2018 regular session. Once signed, the bill was sent to Gov. Matt Bevin’s desk, and was subsequently signed by Bevin.  Upon learning of this move, Beshear immediately filed a 49-page lawsuit.

In addition to issues he found within the measure, Beshear questioned the way the bill was passed as it was not reviewed by legislators nor given an analysis on whether it would work.

“That law showed the worst of the worst of government. It turned an 11-page sewage bill into a 291-page pension bill, then they rammed it through in a single day,” Beshear said in the video, which he promises is the first of many updates while the case proceeds.

Beshear estimated that there will soon be a schedule made for the case, hopefully allowing for a judge to grant the injunction, effectively stopping the heavily criticized reform.

“I’m going to argue as hard as I can every single hearing to have this bill thrown out,” he said.


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