Georgetown University Student Demands Tuition Refund for COVID Losses 

The school has reaped ‘millions of dollars’ in tuition fees after switching to online classes, despite boasting a $1.8 billion endowment, suit says. 

A Georgetown University graduate student sued the school last week demanding refunds for peers affected by campus shutdowns. 

The unnamed plaintiff is the latest to file a class action lawsuit against a top school, according to class action law firm Hagens Berman. Dozens of schools have been targeted in complaints by students. They seek at least partial reimbursements for tuition, fees, and room and board after the switch to online learning. 

Joining other similar lawsuits, the complaint against Georgetown argued the school has continued to reap “millions of dollars” in tuition fees, despite boasting a sizable endowment, worth about $1.8 billion. Georgetown charges students $27,675 in tuition fees per semester. 

“We believe Georgetown is financially qualified to endure this national emergency and urge you to do the right thing,” read the lawsuit. 

Georgetown University did not immediately respond to a request for comment. 

But other schools have contended that the refunds are not warranted, given that professors continued to deliver instruction during the crisis. Students also continue to receive credits for completing online courses. 

Similar lawsuits have been brought up against other schools, including Brown, Columbia, Duke, Emory, George Washington, and Vanderbilt, for cutting their spring semesters short. 

Endowments at top schools have come under increased scrutiny during the coronavirus crisis. Last month, a number of prestigious colleges returned their relief checks after lawmakers argued the well-heeled institutions should forgo funds that could go to poorer schools.  


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