Jerry Albright to Replace Britt Harris as TRS CIO

Board elevates interim appointee to full-time position.

Following Britt Harris’ move to UTIMCO last month, the Teacher Retirement System of Texas (TRS) board of trustees has appointed Jerry Albright to fill the position Harris vacated as CIO.

When Harris had announced he was leaving the $140 billion fund last month to serve as CEO of the University of Texas Investment Management Company, Albright was initially meant to serve as interim CIO until a replacement was announced at today’s board meeting. However, the board chose to appoint him to the CIO role.

“We feel incredibly fortunate to have someone as capable, experienced, and knowledgeable as Jerry to fill our CIO position,” TRS Board Chair David Kelly said in a statement. “Jerry has what it takes to build on our success over the past 10 years.”

Albright has also served as a chairman on the $140 billion fund’s Internal Investment Committee as well as sole director of TRICOT London, TRS’s first international office. Albright was previously the TRS Investment Division’s COO and director of investment operations.

“I can’t be more proud of the work being done by our investment team at TRS,” TRS Executive Director Brian Guthrie said in a statement. “Jerry and his team have not only the required institutional knowledge to carry on the progress we’ve made over the past decade, but they have the skills, inspiration, and cultural alignment necessary to build upon that progress and continue our role an industry leader for years to come.”


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