Maryland State Retirement System Returns 8% for Fiscal 2018

Private and public equities lead the way with double-digit gains.

The Maryland State Retirement & Pension System returned 8% on its investments in fiscal 2018, growing its assets by $2.8 billion, to $51.9 billion.

The 8% return also surpassed the 7.5% assumed actuarial rate.

Top assets were private and public equities, which returned a whopping 19.64% and 10.66%, respectively. The fund for state teachers and government workers for allocates 12.5% to private equity and 37.5% to public equity.

Real assets were next at 8.16%, followed by absolute return’s 3.26%. Credit returned 2.31%, and with a fifth of the assets, rate sensitive holdings gained 0.55%. Real assets, absolute return, and credit consist of 11.9%, 8.4%, and 8% of the fund’s portfolio.

The rest of the Maryland pension system’s holdings were in cash.

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