New Mexico PERA CIO to Appear on CIO Podcast

Dominic Garcia to talk about  David Villa’s mentoring, innovations, and more.

Dominic Garcia has been running the $15.4 billion New Mexico Public Employees Retirement Association since 2017, and he’ll be the next guest on the Chief Investment Officer podcast, set to air next Thursday, August 22.

Garcia had originally worked at the fund in the late 2000s as a deputy CIO before moving to Wisconsin to work at the state investment board. At the fund, CIO and Executive Director David Villa taught him a variety of skills and life lessons that he’s applied to his leadership at the PERA. Garcia will discuss how Villa’s mentoring shaped him and how he applies that experience to his role today.

Garcia will also discuss what’s keeping him up at night and innovations that he’s brought to the retirement plan since he started his tenure, as well as his most recent work: a passive risk parity strategy.

The New Mexico chief also talks about his personal life and what non-investment hobbies are keeping him busy when he’s not at work.

The podcast will launch at 9:00 a.m. EST on, SoundCloud, and iTunes.

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