Next Week’s CIO Summit: Asset Owners Talk Geopolitics, Alts, and Credit

Afternoon session of the conference’s first day promises loads of useful advice and insights.

Our 10th annual CIO Summit, May 16-17, is a two-day event where the top asset owners discuss the financial industry’s hottest issues at the Harvard Club in New York City.

After a stirring collection of morning panels on the conference’s  day one, Thursday May 16,  the afternoon kicks off with a keynote presentation from John Emerson, vice chairman of Capital Group. Emerson’s speech, titled “Geopolitics in a Disruptive Age,” will go in-depth on international trends and how they affect cross-border trade, US and European politics, and more.

The geopolitical conversation continues with the next panel, as Sanjay Chawla, chief investment officer of FM Global, Charles Van Vleet (Textron’s assistant treasurer and CIO), Phillip Titolo (managing director, alternatives, at MassMutual), and Walter Kress (CIO and treasurer, Ernst & Young) speak on recessionary hedges and how to position yourself at this point in the cycle.

Alts are all the rage these days, and who better to explore them than J.P. Morgan Asset Management’s global head of alternatives, Anton Pil? Interviewed by CIO’s markets editor, Larry Light, Pil will talk about how to find the right alternative assets to minimize volatility and enhance diversification.

Next up, Mercy Health CIO Anthony Waskiewicz will discuss the impact and opportunities presented by reduced market liquidity, thanks in part to central banks’ contraction. Aksia’s Patrick Adelsbach, Octagon Credit Investors’ Gretchen Lam, and Caspian Capital’s Adam S. Cohen will discuss what’s being done to capitalize on this environment.

Then, NEPC partner Kevin Leonard, LACERA CIO Jonathan Grabel, New Mexico Educational Retirement Board CIO Bob Jacksha, and the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board’s Ali J. Naqvi will discuss how CIOs can best position their organizations as proactive investors across multiple dimensions.

The final talk of the day will be a fireside chat where State Street’s Olivia Engel and CIO Managing Editor Christine Giordano will talk about how Engel’s team balances data and new technology with investment philosophy.

Day one will close with a networking reception.

Stay tuned for a preview of day two, Friday May 17, where CIOs will get their own exclusive session to network with fellow asset owners—and only fellow asset owners.

Registration for the CIO Summit is still open, so be sure to save your seat for the 10th annual event. Attendees may register here.

The conference is complimentary to select asset owner CIOs from public and private plans, endowments, foundations, sovereign wealth funds, and select family offices.

Interested sponsors may contact Katie Bacon and Carol Popkins for more information. 

The CIO Summit’s full agenda can be viewed here.

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