Ray Dalio, James Cameron Launching Deep-Sea Exploration Program

OceanX will broadcast its discoveries via virtual classrooms, museum exhibits, and more.

While Elon Musk may be keen on exploring the dusty planet Mars, Ray Dalio is looking to research the Earth’s deep sea with a new project known as OceanX.

Dalio, founder and co-CIO of Bridgewater Associates, the world’s largest hedge fund with $150 billion in assets, will team with son Mark and director James Cameron to explore the ocean and film their findings. OceanX will enlist scientists, researchers, and filmmakers whose ranks include the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution and the BBC team that produced the documentary “Blue Planet II.”

Cameron, of course, was the director of such seafaring movies as Titanic and The Abyss.

 “I believe that ocean exploration is more exciting and important than space exploration,” Dalio said in a statement. “We are on a mission to show people that.”  

OceanX looks to investigate and document the ocean more extensively than previously known, pursuing scientific and medical breakthroughs. The program will also make its discoveries available via virtual classrooms, museum exhibits, interactive gaming, and virtual reality displays.

The research will be conducted aboard the M/V Alucia2, a new marine exploration vehicle making its debut early next year. The ship will feature the latest in onboard dry and wet marine research labs, and media equipment. The vessel will also have an onboard production and media center, as well as manned and autonomous submersibles, helicopters, and drones.

“With OceanX and Alucia2, we will reignite global passion for and curiosity about the ocean in our global, digitally-connected age,” Cameron said.

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