Segal Rogerscasey Buys Marco Consulting Group

The merged group, Segal Marco Advisors, will manage more than $500 billion effective January 1, 2017.

Consulting firm Segal Rogerscasey has announced it has agreed to acquire the Marco Consulting Group (MCG), bringing the combined advisory assets to more than $500 billion.

“The acquisition of the Marco Consulting Group represents a significant enhancement to the already deep expertise of Segal Rogerscasey,” said Joseph LoCicero, president and CEO of the Segal Group. MCG is a consultant focused on US multiemployer benefit plans.

The acquisition will become effective January 1, 2017.

The merged entity Segal Marco Advisors will operate with a staff of more than 150 investment, consulting, and research professionals, the firm said, advising more than 400 clients.

Segal Rogerscasey President and CEO John DeMairo will remain in the same role, while MCG Co-founders Jack Marco and Tom Mitchell, Sr. will stay on as advisors. The combined Segal Marco Advisors will be headquartered in New York, but will also hold a significant presence in Chicago.

“This combination will provide trustees with unprecedented resources and talent, and make us the undisputed leader for multiemployer investment consulting,” DeMairo said in a statement.

MCG’s co-founders also praised Segal Rogerscasey’s “industry-leading research capabilities, particularly in the areas of due diligence, alternative investments, and asset-liability modeling.”

The two firms are also outsourced-CIO (OCIO) providers. According to CIO’s 2016 OCIO Guide, Segal Rogerscasey managed $1 billion in discretionary assets for 12 US clients as of January, while MCG managed $9.3 billion for 52 US clients.

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By Sage Um