Soros Hands Gross $500M Vote of Confidence

Janus’ new hire has landed his biggest mandate since joining—and doubled his strategy’s assets.

George Soros has backed Bill Gross’ new strategy at Janus Capital to the tune of $500 million.

It is Gross’ single biggest mandate since he joined after quitting PIMCO at the end of September.

The investment will be managed in a separate strategic account outside of Gross’ Janus Global Unconstrained Bond mutual fund, the company said in a notice on its website. With the investment sitting outside the main fund, Soros is protected from the effects of inflows and outflows from other investors.

Via Janus Capital’s Twitter account, Gross said he was “honoured to be managing a new unconstrained strategic account for Soros Fund Management”.

According to Reuters, Soros Fund Management’s CIO Scott Bessent met Gross soon after he quit PIMCO to discuss a potential investment.

The investment more than doubles the assets currently run under the Global Unconstrained Bond strategy, which swelled to $442 million by the end of the month after inflows of more than $350 million, according to Morningstar.

It will also act as a significant vote of confidence for Gross at his new employer. Billions of dollars have exited PIMCO and its Total Return fund, the flagship fund he ran at the firm, following the company co-founder’s departure, but investors have not made the straight switch to Janus.

On making the switch to Janus, Gross claimed his new role would allow greater flexibility to focus on investing without the burden of running a large organisation. He also cited the far smaller size of the new fund as allowing him to operate under the radar of many other bond investors.

Soros Fund Management runs more than $28 billion. It was shut to external investors in 2011 and became a family office to manage Soros’ fortune, led by CIO Bessent.

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