Study: Wilshire TUCS Plans Bounce Back From Dismal 2008

At 19.02% year-to-date return, foundations and endowments outperformed other asset owners in the Wilshire TUCS.

(January 18, 2010) – Bouncing back from a lackluster 2008, the year-to-date median performance of foundations and endowments hit 19.02%, outpacing other asset owners, while public funds returned 17.22% year-to-date.

Wilshire TUCS’ November data improved sharply from its previous month’s numbers, when all categories had median investment losses. The rebound shows gains by institutional investors.

The following percentages are the latest results from the Wilshire TUCS, which has 1,300 plans, 12,000 active portfolios, and more than $3 trillion in sponsor assets. TUCS represents the industry’s largest database of any peer-comparison service.

Year-to-Date Return
Foundations and endowments: 19.02%
Corporate plans: 18.47%
Public funds with assets more than $1 billion: 17.96%
All public funds: 17.22%
Taft-Hartley defined benefit plans: 12.32%.
For the first 11 months of 2009, large differences in fund results in the Wilshire Associates Trust Universe Comparison Service reflect differing allocations in real estate. While corporate funds, for example, returned 18.47% year-to-date with 8.22% in real estate, Taft-Hartley funds returned 12.32%, with a zero allocation to the asset class, said Hilarie Green of Wilshire Analytics, according to Pensions & Investments. Median Returns for November
Corporate funds: 3.05%
Public funds: 3%
Public funds with more than $1 billion in assets: 2.98%
Foundations and endowments: 2.95%
Taft-Hartley pension funds: 2.83%

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